Saturday, August 13, 2011

So 'The Move' is really happening!

I'm moving, MOVING next week! And that means that I am going to get down to business. Yessir, I am going to put what I want into this blog and make it happen. When? Oh well, who knows. But the motivation is previous excuses are gone- well, except the kids one- I think they will always be there..but to the point that I am going forth to prosper.

Prosper? Well, probably not. I am not blogging to make money or get things. I don't even really plan on doing reviews here or giveaways for that matter so I am not sure how that is really prospering. Maybe I will prosper in my mental and emotional release? Putting things narcissistic-ly (is that a word?) into the universe for others to read? Or not read. Whatever. I realize that in the grand scheme of things that I am just a mom taking care of my boys and hoping against hope that I die happy and old way before they do.

Friday, August 5, 2011

What did Mom do?

So I posted a rant yesterday to my mom's group. A pretty normal- self indulging 'omg I've had it today' type of thing. And, as the supportive comments came rolling in, it was observed by one of my friends 'L' I do believe- that 'What did our moms do back then?' Just kind of wallow in their daily lives if they had no one to vent to?

I wasn't saying anything spectacular- just how I've been overwhelmed lately- having the 3 under can be intense- but having ANY can be intense at times. What did our moms do? Who did they talk to? DID they talk about these things?  They didn't have online forums.  There was no Facebook status update to say 'Today Sucks' and have 20 of your friends empathize. No Twitter to tweet into the universe 'OMG If I hear..ONE MORE TIME...'...What about grandma? 'Those moms in Mad Men apparently drank and smoked their way through it'- pointed out J. But in all seriousness, how did they vent?

Our job is not easy- we care about our children to the point of exhaustion. We worry about what they eat/how they eat, their sleeping habits, friends, potty training (or lack thereof), preschools- really the list is endless. With all of this stress and overwhelming DO IT WOMAN kind of thing, how can we go it alone? How did they? I really, really have been wondering how my own mother survived the three of us with really no one to talk to. In fact, even if she did have someone to talk to about it she probably wouldn't. I don't think much 'sharing of feelings' was going on back then. And as for my father- well he worked. Period.

My mind even started to drift over to the mom with 7 kids living on the farm or in the mountains completely isolated. I am assuming that she just accepted that that was her fate and trudged along silently suffering from ppd or what have you. Strange period, no period? Feeling kind of psycho? Too bad, no Internet for you. Just sit there and go with your crazy self.

So..these are the thoughts I ended up having based on my own mom confessions with my group- proving once again they are a completely invaluable group of women and I credit my sanity to them.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Move in progress!

I'm excited- well thrilled really- to say that I'm making the move to WordPress shortly. I'm also hoping to do things like create my very own email address for the site- and add a button too. With all of that going on, I also have a huge to do with SoMe Bloggers Network that I cannot wait to post about! I'll update when I can since the minions are clamoring  for some attention at the moment. Thanks for stopping in, please stay tuned!

Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm becoming yoga obsessed.

I need something to do. I need to get out of the house at some point during the week- so I decided on Fridays we can have the sitter come for three hours and I will escape for one of them and do yoga. It's going really well- except for the obnoxious people in my class. Today I wanted to punch a lady and I don't think that's very 'yoga minded' so I will just stop there as even thinking about her makes me angry. I think at some point I will do a blog post about the awful people in my yoga class but right now I do not have the time.

But one of the best parts of this is that I signed up for a women's yoga retreat this October! I am so excited- it's about 2 hours away in the NC mountains- time to think- be by myself...omg. I cannot wait. I need to get some clothes though- so I'm going to plug here about a giveaway for some kickin  be present mobility pants that I want to take with me reeeaaalllllyyyy bad. Old habits die hard and I love entering contests, so head over to Newly Crunchy Mama of 3 and try to beat me. Hahahah. No seriously- I really want these pants so I might have to fight you for them.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A mom group that's not competitive? Really.

I first dipped my toe into the waters of online communities when I was thinking about getting pregnant with B. That would be about 3 years ago now. It was on Craigslist, in one of their online discussion forums. I  learned quite a bit about human nature on that board, and was schooled quite quickly in the competitive nature of women when it comes to trying to get pregnant/being pregnant/ and parenting. Let's just  say that being a member and posting/responding/commenting isn't for the faint of heart.

Somehow- I got lucky. I mean REALLY lucky. I went from the TTC board to the pregnancy board, and eventually an off shoot to a newborn board  with the same group of women. And to fast forward this tale- these women and I are still friends. Over 3 years later. And we get along. And we don't judge. And we genuinely LIKE one another.  Crazy huh? Here's more....we all have varying economic backgrounds, marital status, number of children, parenting philospohies etc. As a group we started out around 35-40, and today our number stands at 33. Thirty three of us  have clung together through some of the most insane days a new parent can have- and kept our sanity through it all with the help of each other. We have shared divorce, death, birth, miscarriage, difficult pregnancies, difficult labors- difficult mothers and mothers in law- you name it.  I think we have pretty much seen everything- and still- we remain together as much as we can even though we are separated by geography.

There is a small group that lives on the east coast- but there are also members in the midwest, south and west coast. We have even gone international! Some of us have met- some haven't met at all.  But  still, we remain a very tight knit group. I read on Facebook daily posts from other friends of mine (that do not have such a group) questions to things  like 'What do I feed my child now that  we're on solids?' or 'How do you transition to a big boy bed?' And I see these pleas with a mixture  of gratitude and  pity.  Gratitude because I have a go-to resource that I know  will give me their take (good/bad and ugly) and pity because they do not  have a group like I do- with ALL of us having a child the exact same age (give or take a few months) as mine- and going through the exact same thing at the same time. We fumble through it together.

I don't mean to sound superior by using the word 'pity' as it almost comes off as condescending- and I really do not mean it to sound  so.  There just  really isn't a word that I have to replace it. Sure you can have your moms group that meets once a week at the park- or McD's or whatever. That's great. But don't tell me that there isn't the slightest bit of competitiveness, smugness, or SOMETHING lurking in there with at least ONE of them. The reason I have this belief is because of what I read and hear from friends. I read on blogs all the time about the competitive nature of other moms- whether it's on a Facebook page or even Twitter. I have 'unliked' SEVERAL pages due to this crazy 'I am better than you' sort of tone by some posters. Being a mom is  hard enough, I don't need to be made to feel inferior to someone else. Which  brings me  back to my group.

How then, can a group of 33 women remain so genuinely supportive, empathetic, and  sincere? We have differing opinions- we aren't the same people- and to be honest, we don't have spats or arguments. What amuses me about this also is how things have evolved. For example, I used to be hesitant to talk about my 'moms group' (I thought it sounded  weird to say they were people I 'met' on the Internet-not to mention talk about them with my husband). I've met many, but really we all desire a group gathering. Someday........Anyhow-today, when I talk about these women with other friends- they a) are familiar with many of them as I have been talking about them for years, and b) I say my 'online moms group' with pride as  now I realize it's a rare gem that I possess. A moms group with real people, real friends, and a really safe place for all of us. How cool is that?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Babyproofing. AKA Being a prisoner in your own home.

I am so over the different levels of barricades we have around the house. For B, we have recently had to install door knob stoppers/foilers to keep him from opening doors that he should not (his room, the twins' room, the front door, pantry) and create havoc or escape our home completely. Mind you, we still have the gates at the top and bottom of the stairs- for him as much as for the twins too.

And now, with L being  the master at escaping my barricade attempts, we have a baby gate backed up with a kitchen chair at one end of the living room. It is slowly driving me insane and I feel like we will never again live in a home where you have free range. I know, someday we will. But oh. Somedays someday cannot come quickly enough.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I hate photo contests! Argh! But vote for me anyhow.

I seriously do. I really, really hate them. And I hate them even more when they are on Facebook. Why? Well, let's just say that I find the premise all good and  fine and what not, but when it comes down to it what you have to do to win is beg. Or pay. Yes, that's right- PAY.

I made the mistake of entering a Valentine's Day photo contest where the prizes were from Pottery Barn Kids. The grand  prize was a freaking rocking horse. Harmless, right? Hardly. The 'winner' ended up with over 600 people 'liking' her photo. I mean, seriously- those people really thought your ultra cheezy/photoshopped 'big lollypop' cliche pic was a winner? Really? I don't even care if mine was in the running- but it was such a farce I knew something had to be up.

That's when I heard all about the scandal at another site. They were giving away a stroller or something and it was another photo 'like' contest. Well- it came to light that one of the contestants was paying yes, paying people money- to vote for her kid. I guess there are sites out there that you can go to and pay per like? WTF!!!! Anyhow- it was a big ordeal and the person who was doing it didn't think she was doing anything wrong. Whatever.

Hence the bad taste in my mouth for these kind of contests....but alas. Here I am again, schlepping for votes so my family can win a week at a vacation home in Florida. I know it's not the best picture- but  I am also not going to be paying for your vote, just asking nicely :) It's the Farrah R. 'First Time At The Beach' one.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What are your kids drinking?

I wouldn't post about this unless I used it. And boy do we! My son is 2 and he drinks milk, water, and  Motts for Tots cut with water. I just signed  up at Vocal point and  got some free samples (I already know it's a hit) and I like it because it has less sugar than other juice. Out of curiosity- do you give your kids juice? Do you cut it with water? I wonder how long I am going to get away  with that. He's already kind of figuring it out....

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I'm pretty excited to say that I did a blog makeover last week. I was lucky enough to win one from Growing Baby Reviews , and the blog design by The Pixel Boutique. So far I'm really happy with it- and don't even really mind that the connect buttons didn't  work as I just found some at A Mommy's Sweet Blog Design to put on here. Anyhow- I told myself that if I did a blog redesign, I would take it more seriously and contribute more often. Well- we shall see how that goes.
The boys really have me hopping these days- L is crawling and pulling up all over the place, C is just getting ready to take off, and B is  his usually crazy self. Days are long and busy. One of the best quotes I've heard in a while is 'Motherhood: The days are long but the years are short'. That is pretty much summing it up for me these days. I'm not complaining- just noting that the days are long (and hard) but things are also happening so quickly. I was just thinking how it was almost a year ago I went on bed rest. I cannot believe it has almost been a year. That was by far the fastest year of my entire life!!!
I'm still really enjoying writing for Outnumbered, and looking forward to our summer which is sure to be a quick-action packed whirlwind! Thankfully no weddings on the horizon so that's good news for us. I still don't like the idea of traveling with the gang in tow- god forbid on an airplane. Oy. Well- someday we will but not today.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Can't hurt, right? Oh Happy Day Goes to Paris!

Yes, WIN a trip to Paris!! Sure there are almost 13,000 other comments to contend with, (including mine) but come on, it's fun! It's PARIS!!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

PIP Designs Blog Giveaway @ Home Grown Families

I know, it seems like I never post on here- so why would I care about a blog giveaway? Well- I WOULD if I had a blog design that I really liked :) I love writing for Outnumbered, but  I know Mel would be supportive if I started to get my own going too. She's encouraged me in the past- and maybe I will if I can get a little more  'oomph' in my blog. Check out the giveaway going on now until the end of June- PIP Designs is giving away a basic blog redo, facebook landing page, or twitter background!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

TykeRider Balance Bike Giveaway at Lady and the Blog!

I would absolutely love to win  B the TykeRider Balance Bike and helmet compliments of Lady and the Blog. These bikes look awesome- and I think it would be perfect for our 2 yo dynamo. I know it would get great use too, since he has those pesky brothers bringing up the rear and getting more and more mobile daily!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Family Tree Art Giveaway @ The Vintage Canvas

How cool  is this family tree? Pretty cool. Cool enough in fact for me to want it- badly. She's also giving this away as her inaugural giveaway- so enter!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Best Bottom Diaper Giveaway At Freckleberry Finds

I am a die hard Bum Genius diapering mom. With three kids in BG's I'd say that qualifies. I have tried two other brands and tossed them aside for my BG"s....UNTIL I have met Best Bottom. I LOVE  these dipes. I love how the inserts snap in and  out so there is no stuffing and pushing  the insert in. I love how I can make  a quick change and my cover is still nice and dry. And I LOVE entering giveaways for, here's a current one over at Freckleberry Finds. Have at it!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Mother's Day Giveaway---Merry Maids!

Yet another hands down fantastic opportunity to get some help!! Always in Wonder is hosting a Merry Maids Giveaway... yes- antother chance for a $350 gc. Woo hoo! Sign me (and you) up!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Greenworks Mother's Day Giveaway!

Another fab Mother's Day giveaway- Greenworks sure has a bunch of these. I need to find the other blogs where they are giving them away!! Check out  Daddy Forever!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What A Mom Wants...

It's that time of year again!! Oh I love Mother's Day- I get to sleep in and pick what I want to do for the day. It's fun now- but the pressure is all on my husband since  the boys are too small. Someday soon they can be responsible for meeting my every need and whim! That said- I LOVE all of the giveaways with maid service! Oh my. The twins at almost 7 months and B at 2 does not a clean house make. I try really hard to keep up on things daily- but it can be overwhelming. We vacuum daily because of the dogs- but oy the dust. It's so dusty down here.

I would really love some help with cleaning. Even just for a month. Heck- I'd take just a day. Because when your house is clean---everything just feels..better!!

Right now there is a Clorox Greenworks giveaway at the blog of Susan Heim on Parenting. It ends May 8th so be quick about it!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

5 years is coming!

Our 5 year anniversary is coming up in July...I know that a 5 year isn't  really THAT big of a deal- but  for us  we have been through quite a  bit in the last 5 years. The short version  is that we got married, moved to a different region in the country, bought our first home, lost my beloved another a second dog...and had B. One  year later I was pregnant again with -SURPRISE! It's TWINS! And boom! that was 5 years.  honor of our five year anniversary, I am sworn  to win us a trip of some sort. Money is tight- we have three kids after all- so my goal would be  to wins us something- anything- even  a weekend  or a night in a B&B for our 5 year. Things have been pretty tough on us since last July- and I really think  we (and our marriage) deserve it.

So- without further ado- here is a trip that I'm throwing  our name in to win. Austin-Lehman has a 'Win An Adventure of Your Choice' giveaway until May 19th. The prize is awesome!
Enter to win a $5,000 credit towards a trip for TWO on the Austin-Lehman Adventure of your choice!* Explore destinations in North, Central and South America, Europe, the Pacific Rim or Africa. Enjoy gourmet dining, multi-sport adventures & nature's charm at all-inclusive rates. Your dream adventure vacation awaits.
WOW-right?? So go..go enter! And don't forget to say I sent you. If you win, I win, so give me props, eh?? To make it easier on  you yet, here is my link to c&p: thanks friends :) It would be neat if  someone I sent won!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What a perfect gift! Merry Maids @ Mommy Goggles...

I really don't think I need to go too much into detail as to why this would be the best gift ever. Who wouldn't love a gift certificate for some people to come help clean your house??? Enter over at Mommy Goggles. Wow. I need this.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vacation Getaway!

So these days I am focusing my contest entries on winning my family a vacation. Who doesn't need  one,  right? Just like everyone else- we need one badly. The  twins are now  6 months old, and B  is 2- so we think  that we would take B and let the gparents babysit the twins. My husband and I just really need  some r&r and time to reconnect. I know...don't we all?

One contest I am looking at right now is the 25th Anniversary Multi City Vacation Getaway Contest. This would be such  a fun one from Clipper Vacations! I love the Pacific Northwest, and  miss being out there. This one would be a blast with my hubs. Here's what you can win:

Northwest Multi City Vacation Getaway for Two

Cruise on the Victoria Clipper plus a champagne continental breakfast aboard

One night accommodation at Coast Victoria Harbourside Hotel & Marina

Transportation via Cruise Victoria motor coach to the Butchart Gardens

Admission for two to The Butchart Gardens including high tea

Pacific Coach Lines transportation and BC Ferry between Victoria and Vancouver, BC

One night stay at Delta Vancouver Suites in Vancouver, BC

Tickets for the Hop On Hop Off Vancouver Trolley Tour

Amtrak Cascades transportation between Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC

One night stay at the Mayflower Park Hotel in Seattle

Savor Seattle Pike Place Market Tour

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hello Canvas giveaway at Lizzy Dear

Hello Canvas has a giveaway at Lizzy Dear's Life. Wow- these are so awesome. What mom (or anyone really?) doesn't have a picture they would love to see turned into one of these?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Urban Elk Giveaway At Mommy of 1 And Counting

So I just saw a couple of t shirts from Urban Elk that I HAVE to have. Basically, if I don't win them in the giveaway over at Mommy of 1 and Counting...I will have to go out and buy them myself! Maybe it's a twin mom thing. I really like the idea of similar but not the same, and these t shirts fit the bill. So cute! And in a 3T- that means big bro might be able to wear them a time or two before it gets too warm. Score!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


First of all, if you have kids and travel- you NEED to familiarize yourself with the site Trekaroo. It has all kinds of tips, reviews, and Monday Madness giveaways! Look em up on Facebook too. And this week's giveaway is an awesome Britax car seat! What travelling family doesn't need one of those? Well, one that has an older kid I suppose :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Car seat giveaway alert!

Head on over to Minnesota Mama's Must Haves for a pretty awesome looking Saftey 1st 65 LX Convertible car seat! I know we have to break down sooner or later and buy another car seat. I have the booster ready to go for B, and one twin will get the one he is using now, but that still means I have to get another one. I really like the look of this Saftey 1st- and there is that whole air concept- I find this pretty great too.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baby feet baby feet..oh how I love thee...

I think that baby feet are probably one of the cutest things around. Lucky me, I have two sets of infant feet and one set of toddler toes to nibble on! Baby feet sure are perfect the way they are- but at some point or another you need to put a pair of shoes on them!

Again, lucky me- I found sites with TERRIFIC Umi shoe giveaways going on! First, there is a giveaway over at Family Focus Blog. She has some other great giveaways too, so be sure to check them out! The second is a review and giveaway over at Piece of Me. And there is still more Umi to be found over at Girl Gone Mom! Umi has been busy as two other blogs with a giveaway are A Moms Impression and Abby Approved. I know I want the Nyoni in ocean for my son. It's so hot here, he wears sandals from May until practically November. I'm hoping that I can snag a pair in a giveaway and dress up some of the baby feet in my house!

I also stumbled upon Rave & Review the other day. There are some pretty rockin kicks over at a shoe giveaway there. She has a pair of See Kai Run shoes to giveaway- which are beyond adorable. If you don't win them there- check out Feisty Frugal & Fabulous- she also has a See Kai Run giveaway that ends March 27th!

They just keep on coming too---- more Umi to grab at Cincinnati Coupons ending 3/22! And be sure to enter for some See Kai Run shoes AND socks (awesome!) at My Organized Chaos (I have a special place in my heart for her since she is a twin + 1 mommy).

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cloth Diapers Galore!

I don't know what is going on right now- but there are some BIG cd giveaways around the blogs. One such giveaway is at (Fitteds, Pockets, and Snappis oh my!). It is super easy to enter, (I LOVE form entries!) and I will let you look at the loot on her site. Good stuff at almost $120!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring Fling Event!

I am really, really excited to be a part of Outnumbered 3 to 1, and think the timing of getting on board was serendipitous! Melissa is getting together a pretty fantastic Spring Fling Event. The sponsors are starting to come in now, and she'd got some great stuff. Spring is one fantastic time of year with the warmer temps and holidays (Mother's Day anyone?)...Keep your eyes out for reviews and giveaways galore!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Travel on my mind...

I have many different thoughts on travel these days. First and foremost- I long to go away somewhere, and relax. Sleep. And not be stuck in the house with three children under two- alone all day long. But what would I do? Where would I go? If we took the kids, how would we get there? Um...flying would be tough because we are still outnumbered. I hope that someday I will look forward to traveling again- and my husband and I will be able to go places and do things that do not involve changing diapers or waking in the middle of the night to feed someone.

That new obsession is to win a trip for us to go somewhere. I think that might be the motivation to go- if we won, we'd find a way to do it. We would fly grandma down here and GO. I am..plugging away looking for a trip to take. I recently discovered the site Trekaroo and found that they have a Monday Madness giveaway every week! This week it is a trip to a TradeWinds Island Resort in Florida. We can do Florida. It's probably a days' drive, but we could handle it. I MIGHT even consider flying since it's such a short flight and it is pretty inexpensive to fly there. Plus bonus- my grandma lives not far away. Anyhow- I think I can handle an hour or so being on a plan being 'that mom' with 'that kid'. I just hope everyone else can!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Who doesn't love Dinosaur Train?

My son and I love watching Dinosaur Train. He loves trains...he loves dinosaurs too---perfect! And it is such a cute show, how can anyone resist? My only complaint is that there aren't nearly as many episodes as I'd like. In the meantime, however, I will be happy playing 'Make Me A Match' with B..and if we're lucky we might win it at 2 Boys + 1 Girl = 1 Crazy Mom!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Meal planning..what?

Wow- I totally forgot about this giveaway ending today. I think giveaway or not, I need to investigate this site a little further. Meal planning is a nightmare in our house. My husband and I pretty much wait until an hour before one of us runs to the grocery store to plan the same old, same old meals for the week. At 2 Boys + 1 Girl = 1 Crazy Mom they have an awesome giveaway right now with 'Menu for the Week'. I know we can use all the help that we can get with menu planning----but I do have to give my husband kudos for trying as hard as he does.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Get UP

So I am really interested in trying out the Thred UP deal. I remember a few months ago I saw a blurb about it online, and have been interested ever since. Basically, it is a kids clothing exchange- you get a box for a box, pay shipping, and get great clothes! What better way to get started than by winning a membership? One of my favorite blogs, My Baby's Green, is giving away a year PRO membership. While you are there, check out what else she has to offer. She has a wonderful little store with organic and eco friendly things for the kiddos!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun Stuff

So it is official, I am a contributing writer at Outnumbered 3-to-1! I'm very excited and thrilled with the ladies that I am working with. It's so great to meet people (even virtually) and hit it off immediately. We all have similarities and differences that compliment one another - which will in turn (I think) make the blog something really special. Big thanks to Melissa for picking me to be on the team!

And in other news, a couple of good friends of mine have blogs of their own that are really doing well. First, is my friend Ashley who just started Freckleberry Finds. She is making it a one stop parenting/recipe/giveaway blog! I'm very happy for her, as she is on the verge of her first giveaway and is jumping in with both feet.

My other friend is Kelly Ashworth of Kelly Ashworth Design. She has a pretty awesome blog herself, but is also the very creative force behind her design company AND a new first time mommy. She recently got a shout out on Desert Living Today--which is quite flattering.

Both ladies are running giveaways right now that you really, really, really should check out. Really.

Love my talented peeps. Good luck ladies!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another ipad giveaway!

Check out the giveaway at Buy Like Buffet! He's giving away an ipad and some gift cards...hurry up though, ends soon and low entries!!


Well I think I am going to get myself into the product reviews pool...I just think that there are so many fantastic products out there---and I love to share! I think I might do them here as well as at Outnumbered 3-to-1 which I think is pretty darn exciting. First I'm thinking about a review on Birchbox- the best darn discovery I've made in a while. Now to find the time...thankfully twins are starting to sleep better (ie one 4am wake up call) so that is a plus.

Anyone out there looking to have something reviewed- I'm new at this and would love to!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well hello you doin'?

If you're reading this, then my guess is that you're checking me out. That's cool- I'm glad you're here! If anything this flirtation with writing for Outnumbered 3 to 1 has given me motivation to spend some time on my own blog. My very neglected and sparse blog to be honest!
If you read my bio, you see that I have three boys. My oldest is 2 next month (which I still CANNOT believe), and my twins are 3 months. Talk about craziness. I feel on most days like the second I am out of bed I won't stop running- which I don't. There are days I can't even rememebr if I peed or not. Seriously. I wish I was kidding.
Anyhow- what's been on my mind today (and has been for a while now) is B's hair. It's out.of.control. It took him forever to get hair in the first place- and I really need to decide if we're going to get it cut. It's pretty awful to be honest. It reminds me of a Patrick Swayze 'Roadhouse' kind of mullet. I don't even know if that captures the essence of it, but it's the best I can do.
I need to get a picture of the front- but this at least is the back. Some say 'Don't you dare cut it!' others (my father in law for one) keep asking us when are we going to cut it. I guess my questions is, do I have to?

Friday, January 7, 2011

iPad and children's books? YES PLEASE!

I didn't think I would jump on the iPad train, but this giveaway is awesome. Loaded with children's books? Yes please!! Go to Frugal Family Fun Blog to enter to win an iPad and an assortment of children's books courtesy of Target!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hey, I'm sorry...

Dear Sad and Sorry Blog:

I hope you understand why I have neglected you. In fact, I really don't even have the time right now to be posting this- as I have to get B down for a nap, change the duo and get myself to the doc in about 30 minutes. But I just wanted to throw this out there: hey, I'm sorry.

I would hope that you saw this coming when I announced the twins' arrival. And with B getting more and more crazy these days- well, to throw in yet another cliche- it's not you, it's me. I'm going to try to be more attentive and loving- and not cheapen you by only posting when I want to win something from another blog. I promise. I'm resolving to find new things to write about- great sites and stores as well as products to use--as well as the oh so not hilarious anecdotes from daily life. Things are CRAZY no doubt, but as always I will find the time. I promise.

Please take me back? xo-

Monday, December 13, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

So I'm still at it...Breast Pump giveaway!

I'm still breastfeeding the twins- a month in. I am renting a hospital grade pump, but I really don't want to keep it too much longer- it's not cheap and I'd really like to have my own. There are two more attempts for me to win one though- lucky me!

The first is over at Double Duty Mommy. She is giving away a complete Simplisse Breastfeeding Companion system- I can't say that I am familiar with Simplisse, but I'd love to try it.

The second opportunity is at BabyDickey.. I think she must be friends with DDM, as one of the extra entries for each blog is to enter on the others' site! She too is giving away the Simplisse system, which looks really nice- and has a ton of accessories to go along with it. Here's crossing my fingers that this time I can win one!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

They're here!

October 15th we welcomed the twins! Lincoln and Chase came into this world at 36 weeks 3 days, both weighing in at 6 and 6.2 lbs- neither needed NICU nor oxygen. We feel very lucky- and are now trying to sleep. Seriously.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

36 today and I can see the light!

We had an appointment yesterday with my OB, and it looks like we are going to have the babies Tuesday the 19th- that is one week from today! It was pretty funny how my husband reacted when my doc told us this information- as I said 'Sign me up' as I rested on my left side on the table. He didn't say anything. When we got into the car I asked my husband if this made it a little more real for him- and he somehow said 'A little'. I think he is in shock. Apparently 10 weeks of bedrest and multiple trips to the hospital as well as suffering through the 'help' of my mother---was not enough to convince him that something was changing.

I have to laugh, as we are both so sick of 'this' stuff- and we haven't really even had time yet to think about what is coming. I tried telling him last night that yes, it is going to be very difficult and tiring, and crazy- but at least it's not THIS. Anything is better than THIS.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not feeling so hot.

So today we are 34 w 5 d and I am feeling very strange. I have a doc appt tomorrow, but to be honest I don't want to wait. I have some pressure, cramps, back pain- and strangest of all some twinges around my old c scar. I'm anxious to have these guys, but I really wanted to at LEAST hit 35 weeks on Tuesday.

Guess I'll call L&D and see what they say. Why must hospital beds be hell on earth though????

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Savvy Mom- Medela Breast Pump!

Yes, this is probably my last attempt at winning one of these...but I just can't resist. One Savvy Mom is giving away a Medela Breast be exact it is the Medela PIS Advanced with a shoulder bag. She has many ways to enter- and it ends October 28th. How crazy. The twins will be here by then!!! I'll be renting a hospital grade for a few months, so fingers crossed I win this one. Sheesh. This really IS the holy grail of my contest entries!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

33 weeks! And..

oh am I done. I never got to this point with my son- but I am just physically and mentally DONE at this point. Of course the torture is knowing my boys need a few more weeks in there- but selfishly I am so sick of this bed rest and this 'discomfort'- which really doesn't even cover it.

I am thankful that everyone is doing well- first and foremost. Secondly, I am sleeping. Third, my son is watched during the day, happy and safe. Well, as safe as he can be with my mother and 90 year old grandmother 'watching' him. Whole can o worms I won't even get into.

But today, something happened that I had been expecting. I went to my high risk/multiples doc and they want to start the testing for pre-e. I had it with my son, so I know the drill- but I really thought I could avoid it this time...mostly because I wasn't working my high stress job- and I'm in bed all day. I guess what I had stacked against me was the twins and a previous experience with it.

I start the urine test tomorrow, then blood work on Friday. I know if I show signs of it they will take the boys next week. That will be 34 weeks- which is our second HUGE milestone- but I wanted them to cook as long as they could. Like I said, I am thankful they currently are doing well and gaining weight- but I hate it to end like this. It's like all this bed rest and everything has been for naught.

I just have to keep thinking positive and hold out that I don't develop it...we shall have to see.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Itzbeen giveaway from Take It From Me!

I am really, really intrigued by this device...and I think that it could really come in handy with the twins...a friend of mine who has twins said she used them and loved them- so I think we will give it a try. With two newborns and a toddler, you think I may have trouble keeping straight when who last ate, was changed, slept, etc? I DO. I am not superwoman, and anything will be sure to help. I also think this might be a lifesaver for DH!

Enter to win over at Take It From Me. But hurry, giveaway ends Monday!

UPDATE: Yay I won! I'm really excited about this- and thank Take It From Me for the wonderful giveaway. She's got an awesome blog, please check it out!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Baby Store Plus Blog Breastfeeding giveaway!

There is a really awesome breastfeeding event and giveaway going on right now at The Baby Store Plus. For one, they have a Medela Pump In Style to give to a lucky winner (mememememememme!), and secondly- they have Bamboobies to give away too! These Bamboobies are organic nursing pads which I have been really wanting to try. Especially the overnight ones. Gosh, I remember the leaking at night with my son, and hope that these can save me! Also, they are giving away an Easy Expression Bustier to help with pumping. Hands free! You can actually do something other than holding onto the milk containers as you pump...wonderful!

As for breastfeeding- it's different for everyone. For me, I learned not to give up. My son was three weeks early due to pre-eclampsia- and I had trouble getting my milk to come in to start. Then, we were home and I went through the really tough part. I was cracked, bleeding, and crying- it was awful. I really wanted to keep at it- so my husband encouraged me to set a short term goal- then another-then another. Before you knew it, we hit 12 months!

Going forward, this is what I am hoping to do for the twins. I am fully expecting a difficult start- mostly because they will most likely be early- and because I am going to attempt to tandem nurse. Everything is going to be logistically harder since I won't have a hand to help me.

With the help of my husband, and taking it one week at a time- I am going into this venture with a positive attitude. Pumping during times of engorgement, as well as a nipple shield are also two tools I plan to use in getting to our goal of successful nursing.

So go check out The Baby Store Plus and see what they have to offer here and enter- it can't hurt!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yay for 30!

I try not to get too excited about things- because it seems whenever I get TOO optimistic I get bad news. So, I am going to quietly celebrate hitting 30 weeks today, passing my fetal fibronectin test, and passing the cervical check (no dilation). I did, however, agree to staying here in the hospital another week- just to be safe.

I know if I go home I will just end up coming right back. My mother is there- and we do not get along very well- I know I would allow her to stress me out into a full blown contraction session on a regular basis. The problem, of course, is how much I miss my son. Oh it's killing me not to see him every day. But, when he comes here- he is kind of a disaster in the room and always ends up getting hurt by tripping on the floor or banging into the wall. He's clumsy like someone else I know.

Anyhow- I wasn't making some big celebration on Facebook today since like I said I wanted things to remain low key. I am getting more and more excited with every day that passes to meet these two boys beating the crap out of my stomach. I guess it really shouldn't be as surreal as it is- but I still can't get over it. I am still as dumbfounded as I was April 2nd and we found out we were about to get double the trouble--just much, much closer to the finish line.

If there is anyone out there reading this with advice on multiples, I'd love to hear it.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Shower Giveaway Minnesota Mama's Must Haves and J. leigh designz!

One of my favorite blogs (Minnesota Mama's Must Haves) is partnering with J. Leigh Designz for a big baby event - Bump 2 Baby, that starts September 1st. They have some really awesome giveaways including a Naturepedic Organic Mattress, and 4Moms infant tub. I'm not sure about everything they are giving away- but the teaser she posted is enough to get me interested for the twins..and if I won anything I already have- well I have quite a few pregnant friends who might end up with an awesome shower gift. Hands off people, the Mamaroo is mine. I have been lusting after this 4MOMS item for ages now!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

More to complain.

Here I am back again. Here since Tuesday after my cervical ultrasound showed more shortening. Now we're down to 1.3. AND baby B has extra fluid- so that is adding pressure to my cervix. I love my doc and all- and I like that he is so cautious, but oh. This sucks.

We were 29 weeks on Tuesday- and want to keep going. So the terb shots, the steroid shots, and now the glucose checks are a must. So not what I want to be doing! I am sick already of the diabetic diet- and it's literally been one day. I am here until Monday. I am so missing my apple pie ala mode that I want to cry.

This blood sugar fiasco isn't forever. Apparently the steroid shots create this havoc on my system and it should even back out.

Anyhow. I have a huge headache and just feeling sorry for myself. I am so sick of living in fear that I am going to drop these twins early.