Thursday, August 26, 2010

More to complain.

Here I am back again. Here since Tuesday after my cervical ultrasound showed more shortening. Now we're down to 1.3. AND baby B has extra fluid- so that is adding pressure to my cervix. I love my doc and all- and I like that he is so cautious, but oh. This sucks.

We were 29 weeks on Tuesday- and want to keep going. So the terb shots, the steroid shots, and now the glucose checks are a must. So not what I want to be doing! I am sick already of the diabetic diet- and it's literally been one day. I am here until Monday. I am so missing my apple pie ala mode that I want to cry.

This blood sugar fiasco isn't forever. Apparently the steroid shots create this havoc on my system and it should even back out.

Anyhow. I have a huge headache and just feeling sorry for myself. I am so sick of living in fear that I am going to drop these twins early.


  1. Hi!!!
    I caught your comments on my blog and just had to come by and say Hello. I vow to never complain...ok, cut down on my complaining {Hee} about my Twins and daughter after knowing that your oldest is 18 months. Kudos to you girl, I wish you all the best. I'll be back, I'm eager to see your new arrivals. Many blessings to you, you are in for more love that you could ever imagine!!


  2. Thanks Tammi :) we really cannot wait to meet them!