Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good updates...

So I haven't really posted anything substantial for a while- if at all. I admit I have been pretty bummed out about everything- and worrying that I was becoming depressed without any good news. Well today, I finally got some!

I had another weekly appointment- and was so nervous I thought I was going to break down. I just couldn't hear that my cervix had gotten smaller- I couldn't..and thankfully- it didn't! I held firm at a 1.8, which really relieved me. I also took the FFN (fetal fibronectin) test, which I passed!

And, news of all news, I can get rid of this damn in home contraction monitor. The doc said if it has done nothing but cause stress, and the results really aren't telling them anything- why keep doing it? He wasn't going to keep making the company money just to keep doing it (I liked that part)...but in all honesty, it had become the bane of my existence. I was so stressed out every day..just waiting. And waiting to do it. It was awful. And now- no more! Yeah!!!!

So...I stay on strict bedrest...but it's working, and that's the key. It's going to suck having to pay top dollar for a babysitter then next week and a half, but it must be done. These kids have to keep cooking!!


  1. Great news! And maybe the silver lining to all the bedrest will be winning a bunch of great giveaways so that the twins will be all decked out once they arrive :)

  2. HAHA! Tell me about it. I have entered a million and have comments everywhere.