Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Week 28 and counting...

So yesterday I hit week 28! We're pretty excited about that. I told my husband that from here on out I would like to celebrate every week with an online purchase. This actually works to his advantage- because being online all day---shopping can get a little, shall we say, tempting? So this week I picked up a beautiful Elle Macpherson nursing bra last week, a teething bling necklace, and the week before that I got a Glamourmom nursing tank. All necessary items, right? I agree. I got fantastic deals on everything too- the bra at Zulily and the teether and nursing tank at Babysteals.

Anyhow- if I limit myself to a 30.00 or so range- that's not bad at all. I mean, he's totally scoring since I can't go to Target bi-weekly as it is.

And, so far so good. Cervix was holding firm at a 1.9, and today I had the dreaded glucose test. I just hope it comes back negative since I can really only deal with one or two pregnancy catastrophes at a time- and pre term labor certainly counts as at least one.


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