Thursday, August 12, 2010


So I am glad that things have really calmed down. It's pretty funny actually how the very day we got rid of the in home contraction monitor, I stopped having them. I am a person who unfortunately is extremely susceptible to stress, and I let it get to me. Why can't I be more like my husband and let it just roll off? With my first pregnancy I ended up with pre-eclampsia at 25 weeks. Hospitalized, then home on bed rest for two weeks. I had my son at 37 weeks- and was glad we made it that far. Apparently teaching behavioral issue/low level 9th graders wasn't doing too much for my stress level there either.

I don't want to gripe though- since I have to say- I needed to seek out help from perfect strangers, friends, and family to help us these weeks. Last week a friend drove 12 hours, left her sons and husband for four days to help- and this week my mother in law took off a week from work to come here. The next two weeks are a revolving door of friends with kids and moms that I haven't even met--but they are in the multiples club and have volunteered to help with my son!!! Can you believe that? My mom gets here the 26th, and will have my 90 year old grandmother in tow. Her health is failing and my mother is the only caregiver. I guess they are looking at it as a Thelma & Louise type operation. Which I guess is appropriate since my grandma's name is Themla.

Here's to making it 10 more weeks!!!!

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