Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun Stuff

So it is official, I am a contributing writer at Outnumbered 3-to-1! I'm very excited and thrilled with the ladies that I am working with. It's so great to meet people (even virtually) and hit it off immediately. We all have similarities and differences that compliment one another - which will in turn (I think) make the blog something really special. Big thanks to Melissa for picking me to be on the team!

And in other news, a couple of good friends of mine have blogs of their own that are really doing well. First, is my friend Ashley who just started Freckleberry Finds. She is making it a one stop parenting/recipe/giveaway blog! I'm very happy for her, as she is on the verge of her first giveaway and is jumping in with both feet.

My other friend is Kelly Ashworth of Kelly Ashworth Design. She has a pretty awesome blog herself, but is also the very creative force behind her design company AND a new first time mommy. She recently got a shout out on Desert Living Today--which is quite flattering.

Both ladies are running giveaways right now that you really, really, really should check out. Really.

Love my talented peeps. Good luck ladies!

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