Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well hello you doin'?

If you're reading this, then my guess is that you're checking me out. That's cool- I'm glad you're here! If anything this flirtation with writing for Outnumbered 3 to 1 has given me motivation to spend some time on my own blog. My very neglected and sparse blog to be honest!
If you read my bio, you see that I have three boys. My oldest is 2 next month (which I still CANNOT believe), and my twins are 3 months. Talk about craziness. I feel on most days like the second I am out of bed I won't stop running- which I don't. There are days I can't even rememebr if I peed or not. Seriously. I wish I was kidding.
Anyhow- what's been on my mind today (and has been for a while now) is B's hair. It's out.of.control. It took him forever to get hair in the first place- and I really need to decide if we're going to get it cut. It's pretty awful to be honest. It reminds me of a Patrick Swayze 'Roadhouse' kind of mullet. I don't even know if that captures the essence of it, but it's the best I can do.
I need to get a picture of the front- but this at least is the back. Some say 'Don't you dare cut it!' others (my father in law for one) keep asking us when are we going to cut it. I guess my questions is, do I have to?


  1. More than a flirtation my dear, now it's a full blown affair! I'm so glad to have all of you ladies join me. You are all so wonderful!

  2. I think we all seem to get along pretty awesome as well!