Tuesday, October 12, 2010

36 today and I can see the light!

We had an appointment yesterday with my OB, and it looks like we are going to have the babies Tuesday the 19th- that is one week from today! It was pretty funny how my husband reacted when my doc told us this information- as I said 'Sign me up' as I rested on my left side on the table. He didn't say anything. When we got into the car I asked my husband if this made it a little more real for him- and he somehow said 'A little'. I think he is in shock. Apparently 10 weeks of bedrest and multiple trips to the hospital as well as suffering through the 'help' of my mother---was not enough to convince him that something was changing.

I have to laugh, as we are both so sick of 'this' stuff- and we haven't really even had time yet to think about what is coming. I tried telling him last night that yes, it is going to be very difficult and tiring, and crazy- but at least it's not THIS. Anything is better than THIS.

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