Saturday, June 25, 2011

I hate photo contests! Argh! But vote for me anyhow.

I seriously do. I really, really hate them. And I hate them even more when they are on Facebook. Why? Well, let's just say that I find the premise all good and  fine and what not, but when it comes down to it what you have to do to win is beg. Or pay. Yes, that's right- PAY.

I made the mistake of entering a Valentine's Day photo contest where the prizes were from Pottery Barn Kids. The grand  prize was a freaking rocking horse. Harmless, right? Hardly. The 'winner' ended up with over 600 people 'liking' her photo. I mean, seriously- those people really thought your ultra cheezy/photoshopped 'big lollypop' cliche pic was a winner? Really? I don't even care if mine was in the running- but it was such a farce I knew something had to be up.

That's when I heard all about the scandal at another site. They were giving away a stroller or something and it was another photo 'like' contest. Well- it came to light that one of the contestants was paying yes, paying people money- to vote for her kid. I guess there are sites out there that you can go to and pay per like? WTF!!!! Anyhow- it was a big ordeal and the person who was doing it didn't think she was doing anything wrong. Whatever.

Hence the bad taste in my mouth for these kind of contests....but alas. Here I am again, schlepping for votes so my family can win a week at a vacation home in Florida. I know it's not the best picture- but  I am also not going to be paying for your vote, just asking nicely :) It's the Farrah R. 'First Time At The Beach' one.


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