Saturday, April 30, 2011

5 years is coming!

Our 5 year anniversary is coming up in July...I know that a 5 year isn't  really THAT big of a deal- but  for us  we have been through quite a  bit in the last 5 years. The short version  is that we got married, moved to a different region in the country, bought our first home, lost my beloved another a second dog...and had B. One  year later I was pregnant again with -SURPRISE! It's TWINS! And boom! that was 5 years.  honor of our five year anniversary, I am sworn  to win us a trip of some sort. Money is tight- we have three kids after all- so my goal would be  to wins us something- anything- even  a weekend  or a night in a B&B for our 5 year. Things have been pretty tough on us since last July- and I really think  we (and our marriage) deserve it.

So- without further ado- here is a trip that I'm throwing  our name in to win. Austin-Lehman has a 'Win An Adventure of Your Choice' giveaway until May 19th. The prize is awesome!
Enter to win a $5,000 credit towards a trip for TWO on the Austin-Lehman Adventure of your choice!* Explore destinations in North, Central and South America, Europe, the Pacific Rim or Africa. Enjoy gourmet dining, multi-sport adventures & nature's charm at all-inclusive rates. Your dream adventure vacation awaits.
WOW-right?? So go..go enter! And don't forget to say I sent you. If you win, I win, so give me props, eh?? To make it easier on  you yet, here is my link to c&p: thanks friends :) It would be neat if  someone I sent won!

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