Saturday, August 13, 2011

So 'The Move' is really happening!

I'm moving, MOVING next week! And that means that I am going to get down to business. Yessir, I am going to put what I want into this blog and make it happen. When? Oh well, who knows. But the motivation is previous excuses are gone- well, except the kids one- I think they will always be there..but to the point that I am going forth to prosper.

Prosper? Well, probably not. I am not blogging to make money or get things. I don't even really plan on doing reviews here or giveaways for that matter so I am not sure how that is really prospering. Maybe I will prosper in my mental and emotional release? Putting things narcissistic-ly (is that a word?) into the universe for others to read? Or not read. Whatever. I realize that in the grand scheme of things that I am just a mom taking care of my boys and hoping against hope that I die happy and old way before they do.

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