Saturday, July 31, 2010


So not the happiest news yesterday. My cervix is shortening and that's not a good thing. It went from a 4 (great) to a 2 (not great at all) in a matter of three weeks. I was diagnosed with 'threatening pre term labor' so am now on a perscription and have to go back in on Monday for another test. If I fail that test I go to the hospital for who knows how long.

Oh yeah, and bedrest for now. Sure, that's a piece of cake with a 17 month old and no family to help. I'm angry, I'm upset- I feel like my body is failing these twins and there isn't anything I can do about it other than 'take it easy' (what the hell is that anyhow) and hope to make it another 10 weeks.

This stinks.


  1. I went on modified bed rest at 20 weeks with my twins. Cervix was at 1cm. *sigh* They put in a cerclage and it held in until 33 weeks...the twins stayed in another 2 and made it to 35 weeks. You can do it! Your body isn't failing, it just wasn't made for carrying more than one baby. (No humans are truly made for that...) *hugs*

  2. Thanks Elana....I asked about the stitch, and my doc said it was too late for that. Ugh. I am happy to hear how long you made it--I would be thrilled to see 35 weeks. Thank you for giving me hope!