Saturday, August 13, 2011

So 'The Move' is really happening!

I'm moving, MOVING next week! And that means that I am going to get down to business. Yessir, I am going to put what I want into this blog and make it happen. When? Oh well, who knows. But the motivation is previous excuses are gone- well, except the kids one- I think they will always be there..but to the point that I am going forth to prosper.

Prosper? Well, probably not. I am not blogging to make money or get things. I don't even really plan on doing reviews here or giveaways for that matter so I am not sure how that is really prospering. Maybe I will prosper in my mental and emotional release? Putting things narcissistic-ly (is that a word?) into the universe for others to read? Or not read. Whatever. I realize that in the grand scheme of things that I am just a mom taking care of my boys and hoping against hope that I die happy and old way before they do.

Friday, August 5, 2011

What did Mom do?

So I posted a rant yesterday to my mom's group. A pretty normal- self indulging 'omg I've had it today' type of thing. And, as the supportive comments came rolling in, it was observed by one of my friends 'L' I do believe- that 'What did our moms do back then?' Just kind of wallow in their daily lives if they had no one to vent to?

I wasn't saying anything spectacular- just how I've been overwhelmed lately- having the 3 under can be intense- but having ANY can be intense at times. What did our moms do? Who did they talk to? DID they talk about these things?  They didn't have online forums.  There was no Facebook status update to say 'Today Sucks' and have 20 of your friends empathize. No Twitter to tweet into the universe 'OMG If I hear..ONE MORE TIME...'...What about grandma? 'Those moms in Mad Men apparently drank and smoked their way through it'- pointed out J. But in all seriousness, how did they vent?

Our job is not easy- we care about our children to the point of exhaustion. We worry about what they eat/how they eat, their sleeping habits, friends, potty training (or lack thereof), preschools- really the list is endless. With all of this stress and overwhelming DO IT WOMAN kind of thing, how can we go it alone? How did they? I really, really have been wondering how my own mother survived the three of us with really no one to talk to. In fact, even if she did have someone to talk to about it she probably wouldn't. I don't think much 'sharing of feelings' was going on back then. And as for my father- well he worked. Period.

My mind even started to drift over to the mom with 7 kids living on the farm or in the mountains completely isolated. I am assuming that she just accepted that that was her fate and trudged along silently suffering from ppd or what have you. Strange period, no period? Feeling kind of psycho? Too bad, no Internet for you. Just sit there and go with your crazy self.

So..these are the thoughts I ended up having based on my own mom confessions with my group- proving once again they are a completely invaluable group of women and I credit my sanity to them.