Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Savvy Mom- Medela Breast Pump!

Yes, this is probably my last attempt at winning one of these...but I just can't resist. One Savvy Mom is giving away a Medela Breast be exact it is the Medela PIS Advanced with a shoulder bag. She has many ways to enter- and it ends October 28th. How crazy. The twins will be here by then!!! I'll be renting a hospital grade for a few months, so fingers crossed I win this one. Sheesh. This really IS the holy grail of my contest entries!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

33 weeks! And..

oh am I done. I never got to this point with my son- but I am just physically and mentally DONE at this point. Of course the torture is knowing my boys need a few more weeks in there- but selfishly I am so sick of this bed rest and this 'discomfort'- which really doesn't even cover it.

I am thankful that everyone is doing well- first and foremost. Secondly, I am sleeping. Third, my son is watched during the day, happy and safe. Well, as safe as he can be with my mother and 90 year old grandmother 'watching' him. Whole can o worms I won't even get into.

But today, something happened that I had been expecting. I went to my high risk/multiples doc and they want to start the testing for pre-e. I had it with my son, so I know the drill- but I really thought I could avoid it this time...mostly because I wasn't working my high stress job- and I'm in bed all day. I guess what I had stacked against me was the twins and a previous experience with it.

I start the urine test tomorrow, then blood work on Friday. I know if I show signs of it they will take the boys next week. That will be 34 weeks- which is our second HUGE milestone- but I wanted them to cook as long as they could. Like I said, I am thankful they currently are doing well and gaining weight- but I hate it to end like this. It's like all this bed rest and everything has been for naught.

I just have to keep thinking positive and hold out that I don't develop it...we shall have to see.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Itzbeen giveaway from Take It From Me!

I am really, really intrigued by this device...and I think that it could really come in handy with the twins...a friend of mine who has twins said she used them and loved them- so I think we will give it a try. With two newborns and a toddler, you think I may have trouble keeping straight when who last ate, was changed, slept, etc? I DO. I am not superwoman, and anything will be sure to help. I also think this might be a lifesaver for DH!

Enter to win over at Take It From Me. But hurry, giveaway ends Monday!

UPDATE: Yay I won! I'm really excited about this- and thank Take It From Me for the wonderful giveaway. She's got an awesome blog, please check it out!

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Baby Store Plus Blog Breastfeeding giveaway!

There is a really awesome breastfeeding event and giveaway going on right now at The Baby Store Plus. For one, they have a Medela Pump In Style to give to a lucky winner (mememememememme!), and secondly- they have Bamboobies to give away too! These Bamboobies are organic nursing pads which I have been really wanting to try. Especially the overnight ones. Gosh, I remember the leaking at night with my son, and hope that these can save me! Also, they are giving away an Easy Expression Bustier to help with pumping. Hands free! You can actually do something other than holding onto the milk containers as you pump...wonderful!

As for breastfeeding- it's different for everyone. For me, I learned not to give up. My son was three weeks early due to pre-eclampsia- and I had trouble getting my milk to come in to start. Then, we were home and I went through the really tough part. I was cracked, bleeding, and crying- it was awful. I really wanted to keep at it- so my husband encouraged me to set a short term goal- then another-then another. Before you knew it, we hit 12 months!

Going forward, this is what I am hoping to do for the twins. I am fully expecting a difficult start- mostly because they will most likely be early- and because I am going to attempt to tandem nurse. Everything is going to be logistically harder since I won't have a hand to help me.

With the help of my husband, and taking it one week at a time- I am going into this venture with a positive attitude. Pumping during times of engorgement, as well as a nipple shield are also two tools I plan to use in getting to our goal of successful nursing.

So go check out The Baby Store Plus and see what they have to offer here and enter- it can't hurt!